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Adobe software license

Jun 4, 2017 | Tin công ty

The program purchase Adobe licensed &

Guide to selecting a permanent rights, annual subscription to the VIP program, TLP, CLP, ETLA. Published: 1/1/2017. Updated: 04/06/2017,



Adobe is the leading software company in the industry and Digital Marketing solutions, Digital Media. The tools and the Adobe service allows customers to create digital content, breakthrough, deploying on devices work, communication, measurement and optimization over time, and help business clients more successful. Adobe Creative is a creative company – They create the best experience in the world of graphics and digital media with the tools and effective solutions, to help turn those ideas into impressive results. Adobe is changing the world everywhere, thanks to Adobe, you can see the content has to be built and optimized by-from websites, video games, and smartphones to televisions, tablets, and more. Package Adobe Creative solutions Cloud ® provides the most innovative tools to create digital media, whereas Adobe Marketing Cloud delivers breakthrough marketing solutions Data-driven.  Is one of the largest software companies in the world, Adobe achieved revenue of over 5.6 billion in 2016.  Adobe's commitment to the idea of revolution in media and always strong to this day since the company was founded in 1982.  Over the years, Adobe has helped reshaped industry with high technology with the product:

  • PostScript ® and PDF for printing industry
  • Dreamweaver ® and Flash ® for web design technology
  • Adobe Premiere ® and After Effects ® for film and Television
  • LiveCycle ® and Flex ™ for large business
  • Adobe AIR ™ to extend and enrich Internet applications and deskyop
  • Photoshop ® and Acrobat ® service for all customers and multidisciplinary


The path

Chose Manage orders and perpetual copyright as Lightroom, Acrobat, Captivate, Presenter: log in to the Adobe Licensing Web Site. Chose Manage orders and the rights of subscribers by year as Creative Cloud for Teams, Photoshop Illustrator, CC CC: login to the Admin Console. Chose Help from Adobe (call/CHAT, no Email): Click Customer Support The AChosedobe technical support article: Click PACISOFT Adobe Help Center (VIE)

Access resources

The path, supporting documents will help you not have to spend a lot of time to review the program to purchase and licensing of Adobe. All was clear editors PACISOFT. Chose Brochure (VIE) Adobe PDF, Chosewhy choose Adobe Creative Clould (VIE), PDF infChoseormation about CS6 discontinue from 1/6/2014 (VIE), AdobeChose licensing overview PDF (VIE), PDF manualChose Adobe Licensing Website (LWS) (VIE), PDF manual Adobe CreativChosee Cloud for Team (Adobe CC) (VIE), PDF manual Adobe Admin Console User GChoseuide (VIE) PDF, certification of Adobe Gold Partner PACISOFT (AChoserticle)

, [/et_pb_section],


Adobe doesn't sell software, just sell the license to use, the software belongs to Adobe. 01. Product packaging (form of licence)

  • Copyright SUBSCRIBE
  • PERPETUAL copyright

2 according to the number of

  • Customers can buy travellers 1 the product or subject to quantity, Adobe will have different price bracket (only applicable for Volume Licensing form)
  • The purchase by the amount required to purchase through retail agents in Vietnam when enterprises are doing business here.

Purchase program

The clear program of Adobe help any organization of any size can Purchase, manage and deploy Adobe products with a convenient way and fit your budget. Adobe ® Volume Licensing programs: this guide compares 4 license form Adobe Volume Licensing (AVL) include VIP, TLP, CLP, ETLA help you choose the program that works best for your organization. 3 according to the object using the

  • Individuals
  • Enterprise
  • Education
  • State

Subscription licensing program by year or long term

VIP'S flexible subscription license:

Adobe Value Incentive Plan (VIP): is a program flexible subscription license is designed for organizations that need a change in personnel, budget, project. Ongoing membership program – based on the selected subscription by member-offer discounts for orders containing the license number included with the license management feature, help for accessing software quickly and easily. The program also includes the Select VIPS, commitment from 3 years to have larger savings rates. Applicable products: Creative Cloud for teams, Creative Cloud for enterprise, and Adobe Acrobat DC SEE DATAHSEET [/et_pb_text]

ETLA: long term custom license

Enterprise Long-term License Agreement (ETLA): ideal for large enterprises want centralized management with the number of large purchases. Commit to 3 years. When BUYING software needs are identified, the Organization will make three annual payments can be predicted on an anniversary day (anniversary date). Deployment is simple and allows the it administrator of the Organization to build custom deployment packages and get the latest updates when Adobe was ready. Applicable products: Creative Cloud for enterprise, Adobe Document Cloud for enterprise, Adobe Captivate, Presenter and more VIEW DATASHEET [/et_pb_text],

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Perpetual licensing programs (Perpetual licensing)


CLP: budgeting and savings increase

The cumulative Licensing Program (CLP): Is the program licensed lasted two years, during which the customer (Member) order Adobe Acrobat Pro, Adobe Captivate, Presenter and other desktop software. The original orders will begin to calculate the discount and for additional orders. The member can improve their discount levels by accumulating points through the purchase of additional licenses or upgrades. CLP helps organizations that want to increase the level of discount for affiliates and their subsidiaries worldwide. Applicable products: Copyright perpetuity Acrobat Pro, Adobe Captivate, Presenter, Lightroom, Confusion, FrameMaker, roboHelp, Element. License Management Portal LWS (see above) VIEW CLP DATASHEET

TLP: Don't ask, no commitment contract

Program the Transactional Licensing Program (TLP) makes it easy to buy Acrobat Pro DC and other desktop products. Does not require membership registration as VIP and not binding contracts as CLP (ELTA). TLP is ideal for organizations that want to simply manage and buying each item individually, or once, quickly and easily. Applicable products: Copyright perpetuity Acrobat Pro, Adobe Captivate, Presenter, Lightroom, Confusion, FrameMaker, roboHelp, Element. License management via the LWS. SEE the TLP DATASHEET


Compare licensing programs

Download a full comparison (ENG), PDF

Value Incentive Plan (VIP) Subscription Subscription licensing with term-length and loyalty options Available products: Creative Cloud for teams, Creative Cloud for enterprise, and Adobe Acrobat DC Length of term: 1-3 years Volume discount: Available through the VIP Selec License management: Online tool to easily manage licenses, users, VIP Program Guide (PDF) [/et_pb_text]
Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA) Term Term licensing under a 3-year customized agreement Available products: Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise, Adobe Document Cloud and other desktop products Length of term: 3 years Volume discount: Customized based on negotiated agreement License management: Online tool to easily manage licenses, users, and ETLA deployment Overview (PDF)
The cumulative Licensing Program (CLP) Perpetual Perpetual licensing through a 2-year agreement Available products: Acrobat DC and other desktop products Length of term: 2 years Volume discount: Available cumulatively — can extend discounts to affiliates and subsidiaries License management: Deploy and manage through the Adobe Licensing Website (LWS) CLP Program Guide (PDF) [/et_pb_text]
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Transactional Licensing Program (TLP) Perpetual Perpetual licensing for one-time purchases of desktop products — with no contracts Available products: Acrobat DC and other desktop products Length of term: None Volume discount: None, though time savings achieved through license management License management: Deploy and manage through the LWS TLP Overview (PDF)
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