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Skype Widget Preview in Windows 10

Apr 14, 2021 | Tin công ty, Tin sản phẩm

Universal platform built from the Windows Platform and marks the first time Skype fully integrated Windows operating system, Skype add-on Preview in Windows 10 improve the extreme experience features attracted

With the launch of a Windows Update 10 Creators, Skype Preview in Windows 10 ready with new features and improved performance. The new features include:

 Small view (view)

Users can view video from Skype calls while performing various maneuvers, just switch to another application while making calls. At this moment, the call will be scaled with video call control functions. This is a new feature of Skype Preview in Windows 10

Add-ons with mini-view

Messaging (Messaging)

Looking through your conversation with the support of the shortcuts and send SMS with Skype Credit.

Improved video calling Group (Improved group video call)

The view of the video call group is designed to bring users closer together

Save the moment

In addition to the features to be improved on, Skype Preview Windows in 10 still maintain those features that users, such as: the ability to share the screen, pictures, videos, documents, and files (maximum 300 MB).

The application also includes exclusive features for Windows users, such as 10 forward SMS messages for Windows Mobile and Skype Translator for calls to mobile and fixed phones. Even the language is also very easy, with ten available languages in Skype Translator, the ability to call mobile and landline phone using Skype Translator on the computer.

The version of Skype mobile

Download the updated version of Skype Preview today to experience the latest improvement applications.

Details here: https://news.microsoft.com/#359dvUCMFLiyM2O1.97

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