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ZWCAD 2022

Faster and Smoother

Faster And Faster

What will you feel about ZWCAD at first hand? FAST. Multi-core processing technology enables you to open, create and share drawings at a high speed.

It’s fast and smooth, unprecedentedly.

Your Familiar CAD

ZWCAD provides familiar Classic and Ribbon interfaces. With the similar CAD commands, you can use ZWCAD immediately without any re-learning cost.

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Seamless Compatibility with DWG and other CAD files

The seamless .dwg compatibility enables you to open and continue your previous design work, and share your drawings with coworkers and clients, making the workflow more fluent.

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Capable and Efficient Drafting

ZWCAD provides unique CAD features and innovation tools to help your daily drafting work much more effective.

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Flexible Workflow Between Desktop and Mobile

ZWCAD mobile solution – CAD Pockets, it lets you work freely on your desktop and on the go.

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The Choice of Over 900,000 Users from 90 Countries

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