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Microsoft software license

Jun 6, 2017 | Tin công ty

Microsoft licensing

Find out the licensing policy of the products Microsoft Windows, Office, Server, SQL, Azure, 365 Published: 03/01/2017. Updated: 06/06/2017,


Program overview

2 licensing program: according to the product and follow the below purchase program, PACISOFT just mentioned forms the bulk license and Online services called Volume Licensing (such as Office Standard, ProPlus, SQL Server) and the Online Services (such as Office 365, Azure)

Microsoft Licensing

Simply said, a large number of licensed software to help manage easily, avoiding loss and affordable, this will support install, activate the software on multiple computers in an organization. By purchasing software licenses through Microsoft Volume Licensing programs, you only have to pay for the software license (does not have to pay for the DVD, box set). With canned software including media (CD-ROM or DVD), manuals and other packaging types. Volume Licensing will completely eliminate the physical and cost when buying large quantities often reduces costs and budget plan to a more customized shopping and improved software management.

How to buy license for Microsoft Volume Licensing

Microsoft is committed to supporting its customers with the license that allows the digital converter, allowing you to gain more benefits. How do customers get the technology they need to move aggressively with the role of Microsoft’s commercial license. Its goal is to provide consistent commercial experience will offer customers flexible access to any of the products or services of Microsoft, whether you choose to buy travelers, through Microsoft or through partners like PACISOFT.

The path

Chose OLP License Management Microsoft login: Volume Licensing Service Center ChoseDownload Office 2016 with Product Key availaChoseble information about bulk activation and the activaChosetion code license Volume Licensing Guide for Windows 10 (ChosePDF) Licensing Microsoft Office software in Volume Licensing (ChosePDF) 2016 Windows Server Licensing Datasheet (PDF, 741 ChoseKB) Windows Server Licensing Guide (PDF 1.10 MBChose), SQL Server 2016 licensing guide (PDF, 1.59 MChoseB) SQL Server 2016 licensing datasheet (PDF, 1.35 MChoseB) Licensing Office ProPlus 365 Subscription Service brieChosef contact MICROSOFT partners: (04)/6886/3915 (8) 36 100 816


Chose Brochure Microsoft (VI) [Chose/Choseet_pb_text],


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