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Official Release
Ngày phát hành – 12/2019
Phiên bản – Build 4.30.20

Tính năng mới


  • Support for Color Corrections in Unreal texture asset editor
    • Brightness
    • Brightness Curve
    • Vibrance
    • Saturation
    • RGBCurve
    • Hue


  • Added shortcut from V-Ray drop-down menu to in Project settings

  • OptiX render mode (Experimental) in V-Ray Settings tab

  • Dedicated button and dialogue window to save .vrscene file


  • Support for generating low quality lightmaps when lightbaking

Tính năng được sửa đổi


  • Improved speed when using Unreal materials in render and lightbake


  • Moved VRay CUDA GPU Device Selection to V-Ray category in Project Settings

.vrscene Import

  • Better .vrscene import progress reporting and monitoring

Sửa lỗi

.vrscene Import

  • Crash when importing meshes without normal data


  • Bugs with Normal map input producing incorrect shading
  • “Affects World” property in Unreal lights not updating in IPR
  • Bug with Dome light texture rotation in interactive does not update properly
  • Crash when switching levels while rendering using VRayPhysicalCamera
  • Bug “Use Custom Start Frame” option in Sequencer not exporting properly
  • Exposure not exporting correctly in Sequencer animation when using “3d Max Compatible” in VRayPhysicalCamera
  • Exception in CORE when network error occurs and bitmaps fail to load
  • Directional light renders black with certain color values
  • V-Ray material thumbnail preview mesh might randomly disappear

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